The Spotlight podcast is THE podcast for CENTURY 21® agents in Canada. The show is hosted by Eryn Richardson (Broker and General Manager with CENTURY 21 Heritage Group Ltd.) and Linas Kilius (head of business development at Homeania) and covers important topics and news concerning CENTURY 21® brand and the real estate industry in Canada. Our podcast is available in both video and audio-only formats.

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Spotlight Podcast - Episode 42 - Sphere of Influence (Pillars of Business Part 1)

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Every successful real estate agent, new or old, has a solid business foundation upon which they’ve built their business. This foundation may have been carefully planned and executed when the agent first got into the business, or it may have been carefully curated over time, slowly growing over the course of their career.

By establishing solid “Pillars of your Business”, any agent will find the path to success in real estate. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh to the business, or if you’ve been in the business for 40 years, it always pays to take an introspective look into your business plan on a regular basis, and patch it up as needed.

What we’re starting on today’s show is the first part of a multi show segment on establishing the pillars of your business. We’re going to be covering many pillars over the course of many weeks.

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Past Shows

Spotlight Podcast - Episode 41 - Multiple Representation

by Linas Kilius | August 19, 2017

Multiple representation in the provinces that still allow multiple representation is being examined with a fine toothed comb. There has been a lot of negative press regarding sales representatives improperly respecting the boundaries between customers and clients in these scenarios. Changes to the rules restricting multiple representation are inevitable, and in Ontario specifically, they’re close to becoming a reality.

On today’s show, we’re going to discuss the nature of multiple representation,...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 40 - Home Valuation in a Crazy Market

by Linas Kilius | June 5, 2017

The real estate market over the past couple of months has been anything but predictable. We’ve seen drastic price swings in areas as there have been large shifts in supply and demand, especially in many pockets in the Greater Toronto Area. Through the Spotlight Marketing Program, we’ve seen a record number of price changes on listings over the past month, just yesterday, Eryn and I were discussing a listing that came to the market with one price, had a price reduction a week later, and then had...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 39 - Home Inspector Regulation

by Linas Kilius | May 22, 2017

Real estate agents and their clients rely on professional home inspections to make crucial home purchasing decisions. It’s one of the most common conditions in the offer of purchase and sale for a good reason, you want an expert to look over the large financial commitment your client is making to make sure that they have all of the information available to them before the offer goes firm.

But did you know that until recently only BC and Alberta were the only two provinces to regulate Home Inspectors...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 38 - Peer Networking

by Linas Kilius | May 11, 2017

You’re a new agent. This business can be daunting to get started in… You’ve got the drive, but little experience, very few leads and the feeling that you’re a fish out of water. Who do you turn to? Brokers, management and trainers are great resources, but what about your peers? Other agents at your office are invaluable assets when starting out in real estate, so how do you leverage them as a resource?

On the flip side, if you’re an experienced agent, how can you utilize new agents to help...


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