The Spotlight podcast is THE podcast for CENTURY 21® agents in Canada. The show is hosted by Eryn Richardson (Broker and General Manager with CENTURY 21 Heritage Group Ltd.) and Linas Kilius (head of business development at Homeania) and covers important topics and news concerning CENTURY 21® brand and the real estate industry in Canada. Our podcast is available in both video and audio-only formats.

This podcast is not an official podcast of CENTURY 21 CanadaTM, and the views expressed by the hosts or guests of the show do not necessarily reflect the views of CENTURY 21 CanadaTM or its representatives.

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Spotlight Podcast - Episode 21 - Getting The Most Out Of Your Web Presence

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On this week's show, we discuss strategies for setting up and executing your professional presence on the web. We emphasize the importance taking advantage of your fully featured and well designed (might I add free?) website. We also discuss a variety of other topics, including generating content for your site(s), improving your websites' performance for search engines as well as purchasing multiple websites for the purpose of generating leads.

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This podcast was brought to you by the Spotlight™ marketing program. An exclusive marketing package available only to CENTURY 21® agents in Canada. Spotlight provides agents with a comprehensive internet marketing strategy for their listings. We provide high quality HDR photography, stunning HD video tours, a cutting edge responsive website, and an extensive advertising system that will help sell your listings faster, sell them for more money, impress your clients and generate leads. Find out why so many top agents are using Spotlight by visiting today.

Past Shows

Spotlight Podcast - Episode 20 - "Coming Soon" Listings... Helpful or Hurtful?

by Linas Kilius | September 22, 2016

On today’s show, we’re going to be discussing a newer practice that’s been cropping up in the real estate industry of late, especially in the hotter markets. Promotion of your listings before putting them on MLS. These listings are often presented as ‘Coming Soon’ in attempt to attract interest, and potentially sell your client’s home prior to putting it on the market to save on commission.

Is this in everyone’s best interests? Does this potentially prevent your client from getting proper...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 19 - The Listing Presentation

by Linas Kilius | September 9, 2016

The listing presentation. Even if you’re a brand new agent, you’ve likely got one. Listing presentations come in all sorts of colours and flavours, but what makes for a good one? What are the common pitfalls that most agents find themselves in when crafting, or giving a listing presentation?

On today's show, Eryn goes over the best ways to craft a listing presentation, and more importantly, how important it is to be flexible and adaptable while presenting. If you're a new agent or an experienced...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 18 - The Importance of the Buyer Presentation

by Linas Kilius | September 1, 2016

On today’s show, Eryn and Linas talk about one of the most under-utilized and underrated tools in a realtor’s toolbox, the buyer’s presentation. The ying to the listing presentation’s yang. Why aren’t buyer presentations more popular? How can I craft an effective buyer presentation? Find out why Eryn strongly believes that implementing a buyer presentation into your buyer workflow can improve your professionalism, gain the trust of your buyer, and help prepare your client for the buying process....


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 17 - Building Foundations Part 4 - Planning for Retirement

by Linas Kilius | August 18, 2016

On today’s show, we’re concluding our mini series on building the foundations of your real estate business. Over the past couple of shows we’ve gone over getting started in the industry and how to make that ever important transition to becoming a top producer. Today, we’re going to talk about planning your endgame… making sure you’re financially secure for retirement. As a real estate agent, you probably know by now that there’s no pension the day you retire… How much money do you really need to...


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