The Spotlight podcast is THE podcast for CENTURY 21® agents in Canada. The show is hosted by Eryn Richardson (Broker and General Manager with CENTURY 21 Heritage Group Ltd.) and Linas Kilius (head of business development at Homeania) and covers important topics and news concerning CENTURY 21® brand and the real estate industry in Canada. Our podcast is available in both video and audio-only formats.

This podcast is not an official podcast of CENTURY 21 CanadaTM, and the views expressed by the hosts or guests of the show do not necessarily reflect the views of CENTURY 21 CanadaTM or its representatives.

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Spotlight Podcast - Episode 10 - To Conform Or Not To Conform?

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To conform, or not to conform? That is the question facing many home owners when determining whether or not they should bother with registering their basement apartment with the municipality. As an agent, what advice should you give? What are the legal, safety and monetary concerns involved. In our tenth episode, Eryn and Linas discuss this common situation.

The competition tribunal is at it again. Linas and Eryn discuss the recent news breaking in the saga between TREB and the competition tribunal regarding what historical sales data should be visible to the public online.


Waze is a popular GPS navigation app available on both iOS and Android that can really help get you from A to B in the most efficient way possible. Listen to the show and find out why you should consider this over the more traditional map applications that you likely use.

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Past Shows

Spotlight Podcast - Episode 9 - Growing Your Business With Facebook

by Linas Kilius | June 1, 2016

In our ninth episode, Linas and Eryn discuss Facebook, the largest social media network in the world. Most of you use Facebook, but have you leveraged the platform to help generate business? We discuss Facebook advertising as a strategy to generate leads in a targeted and easy way.

APP OF THE WEEK is a great website if you need graphic design, content creation, audio transcriptions, video editing and more. Fiverr...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 8 - Capturing Leads With Google

by Linas Kilius | May 25, 2016

In our eighth episode of the Spotlight Podcast, Eryn and Linas examine the importance of strategically using Google to grow your business as a real estate agent. We discuss how to effectively use pay-per-click advertising to maximize your leads conversion, how to optimize your online efforts to get your web pages performing better in organic Google search, and we shed a light on the under-utilized, yet very powerful Google remarketing advertising that is becoming more increasingly popular on the...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 7 - Staying Scrupulous With Sue

by Linas Kilius | May 18, 2016

In our seventh episode, we are joined by special guest Sue Heddle, sales representative with CENTURY 21 Miller in Oakville, Ontario. We start the show by discussing the common pitfalls regarding negotiating a lease, specifically how the ‘Offer to Lease’ agreement may or may not be as binding as you would expect.

In the bullish real estate markets in Toronto and Vancouver, home buyers are continuously pressured to present offers without any conditions in order to secure the purchase of the home....


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 6 - Trouble Brewing?

by Linas Kilius | May 13, 2016

In our most recent episode, we invite our special guest Bryn Jones of Centum Mortgage Professionals to discuss with us a recent article published by Maclean's magazine that investigates the impact of foreign investment on the Canadian real estate marketplace.

Is the mass influx of foreign investment responsible for the rapid home price increases we're seeing in Toronto and Vancouver? Are we on the verge of an inevitable major market correction? Is foreign investment in Canadian real estate propping...


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