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We host regular web seminars covering various topics related to our Spotlight services. All seminars are available online and can be viewed from any web browser or smartphone. If you'd like to sign up or get notifications of upcoming seminars, feel free to register here, or scroll down the page to peruse our back catalogue of past seminars.

Past Seminars

Getting the Most Out of Social Media (Seminar)

by Linas Kilius | 三月 30, 2016

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. You've tried them all, you've been told they're important. But are you really using them properly?

There is incredible untapped potential in social media. The real estate industry as a whole still hasn't begun to utilize these services properly to grow their business leaving a vacuum of possibility that's just waiting to be filled.

In this seminar, we're going to go over some basic tips on how to boost your social media presence (and cultivate your...


Spotlight Time Frames and Expectations (Seminar)

by Linas Kilius | 三月 23, 2016

One of the most common questions we get is: 'How far in advance do I need to order Spotlight?'

The simple answer is you can order it whenever you like, regardless of when you're loading your listing onto MLS. However, if you truly want to get the most out of the program, making sure that your listing hits the market with all cylinders blazing will help you capitalize on that initial surge in traffic that your listing will see in the first few hours it's on the market. In this seminar we cover...


Boost Your Listing Presentation With Spotlight (Seminar)

by Linas Kilius | 三月 16, 2016

One of the biggest advantages of Spotlight is how it can really help enhance your listing presentation. The Spotlight program gives you a drop-in comprehensive marketing solution that makes even new agents look professional and experienced.

In this seminar we will go over the listing presentation slides that we have prepared for our clients that you can integrate into your existing listing presentations. We'll go over all of the slides, information and statistics as well as outline key talking...


Getting the Most Out of Google (Seminar)

by Linas Kilius | 三月 9, 2016

Google. A blessing and a curse to real estate agents everywhere. Performing well in Google search is important in the real estate industry, however, it can be a complicated and confusing process. Google doesn't make this easy by shrouding their constantly updated search algorithm in secrecy.

Let's simplify things. This seminar will go over the basics on how to perform well on Google in general, and more specifically, how you can utilize these techniques to give your Spotlight listings the...


Getting the Most Out of Spotlight (Seminar)

by Linas Kilius | 三月 3, 2016

So you've heard about Spotlight, and you know it's great. Maybe you've even used the program on occasion... But are you getting the absolute most you can possibly get out of the service?

This seminar will go over some simple tips on how to boost your Spotlight marketing package's performance....


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