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Spotlight Podcast - Episode 46 - Targeted Prospecting

by Linas Kilius | October 19, 2017

We’ve spent the past several episodes discussing the “Pillars of your Business”. We’ve covered "setting up your CRM", "taking advantage of open houses" to expand your sphere of influence, and "geographically farming" to again, expand your sphere of influence.

You’ve got your sphere of influence growing, you’ve got a business plan in place, you’ve got an advertising budget and you’re farming an area. Today we’re going to talk about focused prospecting. How can you maximize your time and energy...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 45 - Geographical Farming

by Linas Kilius | October 4, 2017

This week we’re going to continue our discussion on the “Pillars of your Business”, setting up the foundation of what’s required to have that solid foundation for success and growth as a real estate salesperson.

Now that you’ve got your sphere of influence setup, you’re actively engaging in open houses and you have some money coming in, the next logical business decision you need to make is where you spend your money to continue your growth.

The third pillar that we’re going to be talking...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 44 - The Future of Real Estate (Live from Quebec City)

by Linas Kilius | September 28, 2017

Today's show was filmed live at CENTURY 21 Canada Conference in Quebec city, and we had the pleasure of talking to both Kristie Cavanagh from Kenora, Ontario and Mark Fagan from St. John's, Newfoundland, both members of Century 21's Future Leader's network.

We discuss the future of real estate, technology trends, and more, hope you enjoy the show!

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Spotlight Podcast - Episode 43 - Open Houses (Pillars of Business Part 2)

by Linas Kilius | September 14, 2017

Last week we discussed the first “Pillar of Business” for real estate agents. You sphere of influence… Setting it up and growing it to start cultivating your future sales opportunities. This week we’re going to continue the discussion with the next pillar… Open Houses.

Open houses can be a great source of leads generation for all agents, especially for new agents hungry to find business and expand their network. So how do you maximize your effectiveness at open houses and convert people walking...


Spotlight Podcast - Episode 42 - Sphere of Influence (Pillars of Business Part 1)

by Linas Kilius | August 31, 2017

Every successful real estate agent, new or old, has a solid business foundation upon which they’ve built their business. This foundation may have been carefully planned and executed when the agent first got into the business, or it may have been carefully curated over time, slowly growing over the course of their career.

By establishing solid “Pillars of your Business”, any agent will find the path to success in real estate. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh to the business, or if you’ve been...


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